Location: Texas Table Tennis Training Center (“TTT”)

5902 Sovereign Drive, Houston, TX 77036

Earn 40 Community Services each week at TTT Summer Camps

Club Overview

The Texas Table Tennis Training Center (“TTT”) is one of the largest and finest table tennis clubs in the State of Texas.

Since moving to the present location at 5902 Sovereign Drive, Houston, this fine facility has quickly become instant hit for table tennis players and fans across the State. The Center occupies over 6,500 square feet at the heart of Chinatown area, which is very convenient to all major roads and highways. The location is beside school zone and very safe for players. It has a total of twelve (12) brand new Butterfly Centerfold tables with Butterfly barriers. All playing surface uses the red rubber flooring. The brand new ceiling is about 13 feet high with excellent lighting.

The Center has about 50-60 regular members, and over 100 non member visitors/players every month. It now has four coaches and instructors. The club general manager is Perry Schwartzberg, who is also a seasoned player and a coach.

Club Membership

Regular Member:  $60/month                                     Senior Member over 60: $40/month

Junior Member (under 17): $40/month                     Family Member: $100/month

Premium Member: $100/month                                  One-time visitor/player pays $8/per play

(6 month member: $50 credit; Yearly member: $100 credit)

Camp Programs

 Beginner & Entry level (first time attendee): Basics are the main key to a solid foundation. For age 6 and over, it is important to learn the right strokes and the right way. It’s equally important for kids of any age to enjoy the sport, so fun and basics will be the theme. Hand-eye co-ordination and basic drills will be part of this camp.

Intermediate level: This camp is meant for juniors who have learnt the basics but are yet to hone their rallying and consistency skills. Many new strokes will be added to their arsenal in this camp like approach shots, serve returns and net game to get them to the next level.

Advance & Elite level camps registrations: This camp is meant for players who have played for a few years and have an ustta rating of 1800 or above, who wants to improve his/her games to a higher level under the coaching of the elite coaching teams at TTT.  This camp will also organize internal tournaments among its attendees on a weekly basis to evaluate each player’s strength and weakness in the real tournaments.


Location: TTT Table Tennis Center

5902 Sovereign Drive, Houston, Texas

Preferred Age: 6 and above

Cost: $260/per camp/full week

Lunch Option: Lunch available with $40/week
Afternoon extended care: Available from 3.30pm-6pm with $80/week.

Time: 10.00 am – 3:30 pm

10.00 -12.00 (2 hrs of Table Tennis)

12:00 to 1:30 (Lunch break)

1:30 to 3:30(2 hrs table tennis and/or such as game/tournament watching/analysis)


Multiple camp discounts: $15 (Will apply if enrolled for more than 1 camp)

TTT membership discount: $10/camp

Family discount: $10/camper/camp

Camp Refund and Cancellation policy for camps

In order for TTT to process a refund, credit or transfer we must receive an email 4 weeks prior to start of your camp. If we receive your written email before 4 weeks, refunds will be processed less a $50 processing fee per each camp.

Refunds will not be permitted within 4 weeks of start date of the camp. No transfers or credits will be permitted within 4 weeks of start date of the camp.

Coaching Team:

Kewei Li, age 32, full-time coach. Rating: 2755. Number One player in USA,; 2014 Cary Cup Champion. Former Chinese National Team from March 1994 to January 2002.  Played in Professional Leagues in Spain and Italy from 2005 to 2012.

Vivian Li, age 30, full-time coach. Rating: 2340. Former Tianjin Table Tennis Team and played in China’s A League. Coached in Hong Kong and Japan. Champion in Women’s Singles of 2007 Eastern Open, 2nd place of 2012 Southern Open.

For more details, such as housing options, please visit our website at www.txtabletennis.com or call club manager 832-649-7355.