Perry Schwartzberg is a 3 time Texas State Men’s Table Tennis Champion and the holder of more than a dozen National titles which include the 1976 U.S. Closed Junior Boys Champion, 1981 U.S. Sports Festival (Olympic Festival) Men’s Singles Gold Medalist, 1982 ACUI Men’s Intercollegiate U.S. Champion, 1984 U.S. Closed Men’s Doubles Champion (with Scott Boggan), 1990 & 1991 U.S. Closed Men’s O-30 Champion, and many more.

Perry has instructed 6 former U.S. National Men’s champions including the current U.S. Men’s Champion, Timothy Wang. As a prior head coach at the prestigious U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Perry’s teaching style is based primarily on the theory that each individual should play the style that most suits the personality and abilities of the individual.


The teaching curriculum:

The teaching curriculum includes these important areas of the sport and can be modified for all playing levels, from beginner to advanced players, from ages 10 to 80:

Basic Table Tennis concepts – The where and the why.

Stroke Production – Build consistent shot making into your game.

Strategies – Strengths and Weaknesses to watch for and react to.

Service and Serve return – The mainstay of a winning game.

Equipment – What type of equipment do you need to match your game and personality.

Tricks of the Trade – The secrets that can win you points and almost magically increase your playing ability.