Texas Table Tennis Training Center (“TTT”) Received Congressional Recognition

The Texas Table Tennis Training Center (“TTT”) has become one of the largest and finest table tennis clubs in the State of Texas.  Recently on the 8th anniversary of its establishment in Houston, Texas, the Honorable Congressman Al Green presented the “Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition” to TTT Chairman and Founder, James Shu, for its long time service and contribution to the promotion and development of table tennis in the greater Houston area.

Since its establishment and especially moving to the present location over a year ago at 5902 Sovereign Drive, Houston, this Center has become an instant hit and favorite playing place for all the table tennis players in the area and across the United States.  Many top players have come and completed at TTT, including the following: Jimmy Butler, Timothy Wang, Kewei Li, Mark Hazinski, Fei-ming Tong, Yue Wu, Jack Wang, Ruichao Alex Chen, Cory Eider, Allen Wang, Sara Fu Hazinski, Angela Guan, Sharon Alguetti, Gal, Alguetti, Adar Alguetti, Zhirui Zhao, Gaoxiang Zhao, Cheng Li, Yichi Zhang, Tong Zhang, Victor Subonj, and other good players.

The Center has a total of 12 Butterfly Centerfold Tables and has quickly become the “Top Five Butterfly Clubs” in North America. It has successfully hosted many tournaments, including the 2015 CAP Chinese New Year 2 Star Tournament, 2015 CAP All-Star Table Tennis Team Tournament-Houston, and Huaxia Singles & Team Championships in 2014.

USATT CEO, Gordon Kaye, and USATT Woman Team Coach Lily Yip came to the Center for the presentation of prizes to winners for the All-Star Competition.

Dawn Lin, the Special Assistant to U.S. Congressman Al Green came to the Center to present the “Special Certificate of Congressional Recognition” to James Shu, the Chairman and Founder of the Center to recognize his generous contribution and hard work for the development of the sports of table tennis in past 20 years.

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