2015 CAP Chinese New Year Tournament (Two Stars **USATT sanction and non-sanction for Under 15 year old)


TIME and DATE: 9:00AM to 7:30PM, Saturday, February 28th, 2015(sign up and warm upbegin at 8:00AM)
LOCATION: Texas Table Tennis Training Center, 5902 Sovereign Dr., Houston TX 77036.
SPONSOR BY: Capital Plastics and James Shu
ENTRY DEADLINE: February 25th, 2015 (postmarked date), late fee will be applied after this date. No entries
accepted after February 25, 2015. Rating will base on the latest internet file post on February 25, 2015.
1. Giant Opening Single Round Robin: (start at 12:00PM noon) Round Robin first round. 1stand 2ndplace of group will play in A, 3rd and 4th for B, 5thand 6thfor C… Second round is single elimination. Seeding bases on USATT rating, some highest players may not play 1 round RR depend on number of players registered. 3 out of 5 for all matches (except semifinal and final matches 4 out of 7). USATT membership is required. If you are not USATT membership, you have to pay and register for USATT membership.
2. U-2100 Round Robin (USATT rating required, no rating won’t be advanced next rounds): Start at 9:00AM. First two players of each group will advance to next round single elimination. All games are the best of 5. Can’t play Under 15 event.
3. Under 15year old (non-sanction): (start at 9:00AM finish at 12:00 PM) Round robin first round, 1 and second places of each group will play single elimination after. All 3 out of 5 matches. No USATT membership request. Can’t play U-2100 event.
Rules: ITTF and USATT rules.All USATT regulations apply. Play on 8+Butterflytables andnets. The Three-star orange ITTF Butterfly celluloid balls will be used. High ceiling. Stadium light, 5000+ square feet, rubber on cement floor.
Certified Referee / Umpire: Scott Ryan (National Referee), Nghia Vo (Certified Umpire), Keng Yap (Certified Umpire)
Director: Nghia Vo nghiavo1st@hotmail.com Co-director: Henry Chan 832-725-6902 hen5810@yahoo.com
Coordinator: Manny Velazquez, James Shu
Contact/ Information: Henry Chan, 832-725-6902, E: hen5810@yahoo.com; Manny Velazquez, 713-737-5310
E: mannybvelazquez@aol.comJames Shu,713-562-0606, E: shu_xj@msn.com
Awards: Division A: 1st: $600, 2nd: $300, Semifinalist: $100
U-2100: 1st: $100, 2nd: $60, Semifinalists: $30
Division B, C, D….: Trophies for 1st , 2nd and semifinalist
Under 15 year old (non-sanction): Trophies for 1st, 2nd, and semifinalist
■ Fees should be paid before dead line. Entry without fees may lose the spot, priority for player who paid all entry fees.
■ USATT membership should be paid before or during tournament. Expiration on January 31st, 2015 should be renewed.
■ Default will be applied if late 15minutes for any match.


Name*: (Last)____________(First)__________
DOB**: __________
City_____________________ State: ____ Zip:________
Phone*: _______________________________
Rating*: __________
USATT# : __________
Email address**:____________________________________
Home Club:______________________

(* important information, ** for future tournament contact)
Fees: Please circle fees for event and/ or membership applied.
USATT Membership fees: Adult: $49/ year, $130 for 3 years: Junior (under 17 years old): $25/year, $60 for 3 year (for 14 or younger).Collegiate: $25/year (for full time college students, proof is needed). $10 for 1 time tournament pass for new USATT player only.

Entry fee for one sanctioned event (Single Open or U-2100):$ 30.00; For two events (both Single Open and U-2100): $45
Entry fee for Under 15 year old (non-sanction) ($): $ 10.00
USATT membership fee ($): $_________.00 (for renewal or new register). See above for details.
Rating fee ($): (not apply for U-15 year old event) $________
Total Payment: $_________. 00
Make checks payable and mail/deliver to:

Texas Table Tennis Training Center
5902 Sovereign Dr. Ste A
Houston, TX. 77036

Deadline for entry is February 25th, 2015 with all fees. Please enter me in the above event. I agree to comply with all USATT Regulations. I accept full responsibility for my participation and relieve the sponsors, host site, theTexas Table Tennis Club and the USATT of any liability resulting from injury to myself or damage to my property.

SIGNATURE _______________________________(Guardian if minor)

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